ReGenos Advantages

Yes, ReGenos brand collagens are studied to show that you only need just under one tablespoon per day. Each ReGenos container provides 30 daily servings. Other products don't even come close. Our collagen lasts almost twice as long as other brands. Look at their serving size, look at their daily use, look at their prices, you'll see.

Our collagen is broken down using a patented enzyme treatment that cleaves (breaks) the bonds of the amino acid chain at a precise place. This is what separates ReGenos from other collagens. These precise breaks fit like a puzzle piece at your bones and joints. 

The difference is in this breaking down process of the collagen. No other collagen uses this process, so they do not show the results we show. 

Our product will still offer the same benefits of all collagens; however, they are designed to help in targeted parts of your body as well. Why not have the best of both worlds?

Collagen is cheaper to put in tubs or plastic bags. Cheaper, yes, but not a good idea.

Collagen is hygroscopic and hydrophilic. That means it absorbs moisture and in turn, smells around it. Plastic tends to have an odor, and collagen will absorb the smell. 

We don’t like plastic for this reason. We’ve seen it from our over 10 years’ experience.

Sure, we could put it in a tub but we don’t want to degrade the quality of the collagen.

Correct. ReGenos collagen comes unflavored. That means we didn't put any flavor into it. It's only one ingredient: Collagen. 

But collagen has a flavor. And when you use only 5 grams, it has much less taste than others that ask you to use 10, 12 or more grams per serving. ReGenos shows results at just 5 grams and it tastes better.

Yes. Agglomeration is a way to make the collagen mix better in colder liquids. Water is introduced into the collagen powder to make it "puff up" and allow the cold liquids to surround the collagen better. 

ReGenos Joint Health tm collagen contains FORTIGEL®. FORTIGEL® like FORTIBONE® is a highly purified bioactive collagen peptide processed with a different enzyme causing a break between a targeted amino acid set. FORTIGEL® is clinically shown to support the body’s own mechanisms for maintaining healthy joints and mobility. 

At Regenos, we’re not fans of plastic scoops in cans. We would hope that you take Regenos collagens on a daily basis. Why accumulate all those scoops?

Regenos has been shown to be effective at just 5 grams. That’s just under 1 Tablespoon.

We were told by some customers that by taking a 1/2 tablespoon rounded, would be about 5 grams.  The most accurate would be to have a kitchen scale and to measure it by weight.

Collagen Facts

Collagen is a long chain of amino acids that is found in your body. Collagen is also considered a protein. So, as a natural protein in your body, collagen is an integral part of human connective tissue. 

Over time, your body tends to slow down in the production of collagen. That’s why supplementing your diet with Collagen Peptides is a good idea.

Well, a collagen peptide is just a fancy word for “broken up collagen”. When Collagen is produced, it will naturally break up. Our stomach cannot digest long chains of amino acids anyway so this broken up collagen is a good thing. Collagen can be 1000 amino acids long. So, when manufactures make collagen, they automatically make collagen peptides. 

There are many different types of collagen. This refers to its raw characteristics at the molecular level and where they reside. Some may have a clockwise triple helical design, while others may be in other shapes.

Once a type of collagen is broken down into a peptide which happens during manufacturing, it does not matter. All collagen’s look pretty much the same to the body because they are broken into 20 to 50 amino acid chains in length during manufacturing. By this time the Types structures are pretty much destroyed. Once these amino acid chains get to your stomach, your body digests the amino acid chains and breaks those down to 2 or 3 chains (which only takes seconds or a few minutes) before getting into your bloodstream. At that point your body doesn't even care what type it is.

So, when you read about the importance of collagen types in your collagen peptides, it’s just hype.  

Around our mid-twenties, our bodies begin to synthesize less collagen, so our need for collagen supplementation increases over time. Because collagen is in many parts of our bodies, supplementing your diet with collagen can benefit these areas, including skin, hair, nails, digestive system, bones and joints. 

  • Bones - ReGenos Bone Healthtm collagen has been scientifically developed to help your body stimulate bone collagen formation and can be beneficial to increasing bone mineral density. 
  • Joints -  ReGenos Joint Healthtm collagen has been scientifically developed to help your body maintain optimal joint health and reduce activity related joint pain and soreness.
  • Skin  -  All collagens have been used to improve skin elasticity and hydration. ReGenos brand collagens are no different. 
  • Hair  -  Collagen added to a diet has been known to thicken and grow hair faster. Do not confuse this with growing new hair. Collagen will not grow new hair.
  • Nails  -  Fingernail growth acceleration and strength are the most common benefits seen as the collagen begins to take effect.
  • Gut Health  -   Your intestines and digestive systems are mostly made up of collagen.  Some folks can have issues with various foods.  Collagen supplements the collagen in the intestine and in many cases can help the digestive process.  

All collagens are dairy free, gluten free, and non-GMO and have no MSG. 

ReGenos products are produced in a facility and packed in a cross contamination-free facility. The FDA requires it. 

No. There is no such thing as vegan collagen unless it’s manufactured in a lab.  And that’s not in mass production.  All collagen comes from animals. 

The truth is the collagen peptides you take orally do not necessarily replace your body's collagen. Collagen taken orally has the same amino acid structure as collagen in your body. It makes sense that if you ingest the amino acids that are needed for collagen in your body, your body will be able to assemble the amino acids as collagen much easier.

For your body to create collagen, it needs these same amino acids as well as vitamin C. So why not help your body with the matched amino acids your body uses to make its collagen?

ReGenos brand not only helps your body create collagen, but it also makes it easier for your body to create collagen for areas where the peptide is a better match for your bones or joints.

Not really. A complete protein is a protein with all 9 of what is called essential amino acids. Collagen only has eight. Tryptophan is the amino acid that is not present in collagen. 

Essential amino acids are amino acids that your body needs in order to survive but can’t build on its own. If your body doesn’t ingest these amino acids, you will eventually not survive. “Yikes! That’s not good!” Well, no, it isn’t, but if you’re eating other things, you will get them all. Tryptophan is in a bunch of other foods like milk, many fruits, cheese, and even oats. Do an internet search; you’ll find them.  

That’s why we can’t and shouldn’t claim collagen to be a meal replacement. 

On the label? Nothing. They are two different things, yes, but all collagen manufacturers make collagen hydrolysate, and they all are collagen peptides. Collagen brands are just trying to differentiate themselves.

ReGenos brand collagens are hydrolysates and peptides. But we go one step further. We systematically break the bonds of the collagen at a specific spot, so they fit better in the areas we’re targeting. No other collagen does this.

Collagen Hydrolysate is the name of collagen after it’s been put through the production process. Hydrolysate means a water molecule is introduced into the process so the collagen peptide has something to bond to when it’s broken down. All manufacturers do it and as a result, all sellers buy it that way.

Collagen Peptides is a name for collagen after it’s broken down small enough to put in a powder, and, in turn, digest. So, in effect, it’s like the sheet of paper you put in your printer vs. paper confetti. Is there a difference?

We don’t think so. There is no evidence to support the idea that children or young adults under the age of 25 (unless they are athletes or body builders) would benefit from collagen supplements. Your body makes collagen just fine at this age, so we don’t believe it would be beneficial.

Studies show that if you are deficient in Vitamin C, your stomach will not digest collagen quite as much but the difference is a very low percentage.  These items have been added to some collagen products in order to differentiate themselves from others.  It really is not needed so we chose to keep the item pure.   

Daily Use

Have you ever wondered where the dosage sizing other brands use came from and how much is enough? Well, you’d think it would be from a published study, right? Wrong. We have not seen one company yet that can show proof of their daily dosage effectiveness. Call them. Ask them. They don’t have an answer.  

Well, ReGenos does have an answer. We followed the studies. The studies that we have for our targeted collagens show that just 5 grams (about 1 tablespoon), once a day, provides results. That’s it. Your body does not store collagen, so you can’t bank it for later.

However, depending on your lifestyle, activity, body type, gender, and age, this quantity may be adjusted. You know your body. We suggest you start with 5 grams for a while. If you want to add a little more, please do. If it doesn’t make a difference, don’t take any more than 5 grams a day. It’s your choice.

Keep in a cool, dry space and do not refrigerate.

A couple of ways:

  • Mix 5g (about one tablespoon) of ReGenos brand collagen powder into coffee, tea or non-carbonated beverage of choice.
  • ReGenos collagen can be added into just about any food, such as baked goods or soups. 

There is really no “best time” to take collagen.  Most people take it in their morning coffee or an afternoon smoothie or Juice.  We know of some that take it a few hours before bedtime to help them sleep. You decide.

Put 5 grams (1 tablespoon) into the bottom of the cup. Pour the hot beverage over the collagen. The pouring will act as a mixer and you shouldn't have to stir in the collagen at all.

  1. Pour a small amount of your cold beverage into a glass (about 1 inch).  
  2. Microwave on high for 15 seconds or allow the beverage to become room temperature.
  3. Stir in 5 grams (about 1 Tablespoon) of ReGenos collagen until mixed.  
  4. Pour the rest of your cold beverage into the glass and enjoy.

Yes, you can mix our collagen products and you will get all of the benefits that collagen offers. However, unless you are taking a full dose of each, you may not realize the full targeted benefits of our collagen powders.

Remember, All collagens can show benefits in bones, joints, skin, hair and nails as well as digestive health so each of our products can show benefits in all other areas.

ReGenos Info

ReGenos brand collagens have about 95% type 1 and 5% type 3 collagen peptides. However, your body absorbs collagen peptides that are only around 3 amino acid chains long.

While collagen can be as many as 1000 chains long. No matter what the type, any type of collagen will break down in the stomach to 3 or so amino acids before it’s absorbed. So it doesn’t matter what type of collagen you take.

Not only are ReGenos collagen powders effective for improving bone and joint health, but they also provide the same benefits as other collagen products, including hydrated skin, healthy looking hair, and stronger nails.

Most collagens are sourced from South America, Germany, the USA, or China.  We get our ReGenos Bone Healthtm and ReGenos Joint Healthtm collagens from Germany and the USA. 

Our promise: We will never use collagen sourced from China.  

ReGenos Bone Healthtm relies on 3 studies, with a three year data term showing long term effects. These studies show bone mineral density increase and bone collagen formation at only 5 grams per day. 

ReGenos Joint Healthtm has 6 studies, by which we have concluded that it maintains joint mobility, and reduces activity related joint pain and stiffness. 

We have found that no other collagen company has scientific studies to back up their collagen product full product. Some brands who claim it, usually only study one part of their ingredients list.  

Visit the studies by clicking here.

Sorry, there is no organic collagen sold on a large scale. 

Any direct-to-consumer brand that claims it is organic is either not telling the truth or bending the truth. The process of extracting collagen can be done in two ways. The first way is to boil the skins/hides/bones until the collagen separates from the raw material (like grandma used to do it). This can be organic, but it takes a long time. The amount of energy and time needed for this process makes it impossible for collagen producers to use this method on a mass scale. 

The other way is to put the raw material into a pH adjusted non-organic solution to remove the collagen. All collagen producers use this process.

ReGenos Bone Health tm collagen is sourced from grass-fed, pasture-raised bovine bones while ReGenos Joint Health tm collagen is from hides. The process is similar, but the hides ,for instance, are soaked in an alkaline or acid base solution to separate the collagen. The collagen peptides are broken down further with a preparatory enzyme treatment that cleaves the bonds of the amino acid chain at a precise place. This is what separates ReGenos from other collagens. These precise breaks fit like a puzzle piece at your bones and joints. 

Most customers who see results can feel its effects in just a few weeks.  We recommend trying for a minimum of 30 days and then continuing daily. Collagen does not store up in your body, so taking collagen daily is recommended. 

ReGenos collagen contains FORTIBONE®. FORTIBONE® collagen is highly-purified Bioactive Collagen Peptides. FORTIBONE® is scientifically studied and shown to stimulate bone matrix synthesis and mineralization. It also could be demonstrated that the bone degradation processes can be reduced. Supplementation of FORTIBONE® supports the body’s own mechanisms for maintaining healthy bones. 

Yes. Click here to see the certification letter by the Rabbi.

Yes, ReGenos Brand collagens are hydrolyzed. But all collagens on the market are hydrolyzed, even if they don't say it. Collagen is hydrolyzed when a water molecule is introduced into it to bond to the collagen as it breaks up. This process is used by every major manufacturer in the world, so chances are, any direct-to-customer brand uses hydrolyzed collagen.

Yes, we test every lot of each product utilizing an independent, certified third-party lab we also have the product pretested at the manufacturer site so that it adheres to our rigorous standards before we accept anything that is put into our cans.

ReGenos collagens, when stored correctly, can stay effective and have a shelf life of at least 5 years. 

Company Info

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We want to make all of our customers happy, so if you are not satisfied with ReGenos collagen, please contact our customer service within 30 days of purchase and we will do everything we can to help. 

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