STUDY 5: Accelerated Fracture Healing – ReGenos

STUDY 5: Accelerated Fracture Healing

Thoughts from ReGenos President, Jim Kent


  • 28 participants (14 Placebo, 14 given collagen)
  • 12 Females aged 17 - 87 given collagen
  • 2 Male 24 and 76
  • All had fractures


  • 79% of 14 participants given ReGenos sourced collagen had very good or good results.
  • Placebo group 50% had very good or good outcomes
  • Placebo Group: 21% had sub optimal results


  • The patients treated with ReGenos sourced collagen clearly showed better bone healing than those who received the placebo.
  • It appears that bone healing was accelerated with ReGenos sourced collagen supplementation, particularly in the elderly patients.
  • Small sample size of participants but very interesting results with good graphs and images.

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