STUDY 2: Changes Shown in Tibial Cartilage – ReGenos

STUDY 2: Changes Shown in Tibial Cartilage

Thoughts from ReGenos President, Jim Kent


  • Randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blind study
  • 30 participants aged 49 and older with moderate severe knee pain
  • 10 grams ReGenos Joint Health sourced collagen (see note below)
  • Study funded by Gelita AG however not involved in the performance of the study.


  • shown to stimulate ".. cultured chondrocytes to synthesize type 2 collagen and proteoglycans."
  • Significant differences between groups only in the medial and lateral tibial cartilage regions.


Notes: a later study (zdzieblik 2017) reduced the intake to 5 grams and found no statistical difference in the results.  That study is here.  The excerpt is on page 5 where it says: "..the daily dosage was reduced from 10 to 5 g, and the duration of the treatment was shortened from 24 to 12 weeks." it goes on to say: "the efficacy of the collagen peptide intake seems to be independent from BMI of the subjects. This indicates that a daily intake of 10 g might not be required..."